Canadian Solar Company is famous in the world for module production. It comes to solar business in 2001 in Canada and makes room in NASDAQ in 2006. The first product which Canadian Solar Company produced is the car battery charger for Volkswagen. Its headquarters in Ontario, Canada and manufacturing unit are situated in North America and China.

Canadian Solar’s is vertically integrated and preliminary come to market by solar technology manufacturing. The company has been manufacturing silicon ingots, wafers, solar cells and solar panels for last 10 years. At present the module capacity of Canadian Solar is over 600 MW.
The Baotou plant will be built in Baotou, the largest city in Inner Mongolia in the northeastern part of China, is a 500-MW solar PV power plant. This large power plant’s design, installation, operation and maintenance for all activities the Canadian Solar are responsible and will deal. The plant will comprise of three phases. The success of the project depends on all parties including Baotou leaders, government and Canadian Solar. The company is called Chinese Solar as seven wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiaries in the People’s Republic of China since its setting up in Canada in 2001.

Canadian Solar’s business is broadening over around nine countries (Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Australia and the United States) and it has seven own manufacturing unit with capacity of 2.0 GW all over the world. Shipment started with 100 MW in 2006 and ends 1300 MW at the end of 2010.Ther turnover is USD 1.5 billion per year. The company was awarded some international standard quality award for manufacturing and maintaining strict quality such as ISO: TS16949, ISO 17025 etc.
Canadian Solar is working for environment from the beginning and also expand it hand in clean vehicle. The company sponsored ZERO-EMISSION Race for 80 days to reach North American. The zero race symbolize most important landmark in the history of electric vehicles. The idea of the race is to demonstrate that zero-emission vehicles will be operated by renewable energy. The zero races was scheduled and come to an end in Geneva in January 2011.

Canadian Solar is very much committed to customer with their prominent expertise in solar technology, huge financial potential and value created by their commitment. Canadian Solar’s PV modules are technically strong and they give customer 10 year product and 25 year performance warranty. The warranty is effective for products defects, serial defects, and output production. Canadian Solar provides quality solar PV products as well as efficient cost structures, convey the best possible worth.